Town Democrats elect convention delegates at caucus February 24

Town Democrats elect convention delegates at caucus February 24

Over 30 Democrats in Arlington held a caucus Saturday morning, February 24, to elect delegates to the 2024 Massachusetts Democratic Convention. The caucus was held in the Community Center on Maple Street.

Before the caucus began, State Senator Cindy Friedman welcomed attendees.

Elected as Arlington’s delegates were Carole Allen, Barbara Atkins, Angelique Bradford, Maureen Crewe, Catherine Farrell, Camilla Haase, Pearl Morrison, Mary T. Murphy, Paul Schlichtman, Amy L. Slutzky, Rieko Tanaka, Barbara Weniger, and Edward Witham Jr.

Chair Stephanie Swanson will serve as an ex officio delegate. Other Arlingtonians serving as ex officio delegates are Marlene Silva, who serves on the Democratic State Committee, as well as State Representative Sean Garballey and State Senator Cindy Friedman.

The 2024 Convention will take place in person on Saturday, June 1, at the DCU Center in Worcester, to cast a vote for their preferred Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate. Candidates must receive 15% of the vote to appear on the September primary ballot, and the candidate who receives a majority of the convention’s vote will receive the endorsement of the convention. (Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running for reelection.)

For information on the Convention, please contact the Massachusetts Democratic Party at 617-939-0800 or go to

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