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Biden’s helping us all

This week, President Biden kicked off his “Invest in America” tour to highlight how his economic agenda is unleashing a manufacturing boom, strengthening U.S. supply chains, creating good-paying jobs, and expanding economic opportunity across America.

Since his presidency, President Biden has done a lot for Massachusetts. He is rebuilding our infrastructure, creating clean-energy jobs and combating the climate crisis, supporting our small businesses, lowering costs, and much more!

Meanwhile, MAGA Republicans are pushing plans that would be a disaster for Massachusetts residents, endangering public safety and worsen public health, raising costs for families and students, and harming seniors and veterans. The contrast is clear.

Thanks to President Biden, Massachusetts’s economy is now a more attractive place for companies around the world to invest, the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.7%, and Massachusetts residents are saving money on their health care premiums and prescription drugs.

Take some time to read the full fact sheet packed with data to share with your friends and networks.