Executive Committee 2024-2026

Chair: Stephanie Swanson, 716-435-4153

Vice Chair: Lisa Pedulla, 617-699-8133

Secretary: Kim Haase, 781-643-3429

Treasurer: Richard McElroy, 781-646-7254

Affirmative Action and Outreach: Paulette Schwartz, 781-646-1722

Voting Members

Barbara Atkins
Adam Badik
Robin Bergman
Lynn Bishop
Shane Blundell
Maureen Crewe
Mary Cummings
Colby Cunningham
James DiTullio

Susan Doctrow
Catherine Farrell
John Galligan
William Gardiner
Guillermo S. Hamlin
Patrick Hanlon
Linda Hanson
Eric Helmuth
Christa Kelleher

Jennifer Litowski
William Logan
Adam MacNeill
Linda Magram
Richard McElroy
Pearl Morrison
Lisa Pedulla
Sonya Quinlan-Khan
Carroll Edward Schwartz

Paulette Schwartz
Marlene Silva
David Swanson
Stephanie Swanson
Rieko Tanaka
Michael Watson
Edward Witham
Mona Zeftel

Ex-officio Members

State Senator Cindy Friedman
State Representative Sean Garballey

20-Year (Lifetime) Members

Aimee Coolidge, Chair Emerita
Kim Haase
Gwenyth Hooper
Paul Schlichtman

Ex-officio and 20-year members are also voting members.

Any vacancies on the Committee are filled from the ranks of Associate Members. Any registered Democrat who attends meetings regularly may be nominated and elected an Associate Member by a vote of the Committee. Associate Members may participate in all Committee discussions and activities, except for Committee votes.

Associate Members

Janice Brodman
Elinore Charlton
Lily Delaney
Peggy Gardiner
Merri Lea Shaw
Amy L. Slutzky

Our Governance: The Town Committee is governed by its bylaws and by the relevant sections of Chapter 52 of the General Laws of Massachusetts, which govern party committees at the state, city, and town levels.