Support Black-Owned Businesses in Greater Boston

Here’s a running list of Black-owned businesses to support in Greater

A list of 50+ Black-owned Boston restaurants to support:

18 Black-Owned Restaurants in Boston Open for Takeout or Delivery:

How to Support Boston’s Black-Owned Restaurants (with a crowdsourced
spreadsheet with details on over 150 Boston-area black-owned restaurants,
as well as other resources):

List of Black-owned companies in the Boston area:


Statement on Police Violence and Racial Injustice

The Arlington Democratic Town Committee strongly condemns all racist acts of police violence and extends our deepest condolences to the families and friends of George Floyd and the other victims of racially-based police violence. We condemn racist acts of oppression in all forms, including institutionalized racism and the violence of denial inherent to an unjust society. This oppression has targeted the Black American community, in particular, for far too long.

We are committed to justice and to the representation of our entire community. We are committed to working with our members and our partners in the broader community to make a better world. However, despite our good intentions, we know that we need to do better and strive to do so.

We also wish to refer you to a local community event where you can join us in taking a stand: