Energized Democrats Elect Delegates to State Convention

Energized Democrats Elect Delegates to State Convention

Arlington Democrats held a caucus February 11 at the Arlington Senior Center to elect 37 delegates to the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

Elected as delegates were Adam Badik, Sidi Belkziz, Bruce Bergman, Robin Bergman, Lynn Bishop, Shane Blundell, Colin Bunnell, Stuart Cleinman, Maureen Crewe, Mary Cummings, Gregory Dennis, Wilford Durbin, Catherine Farrell, William Gardiner, Mel Goldsipe, Deborah Goldsmith, Naomi Greenfield, David Greenwold, Pamela Hallett, Gwenyth Hooper, Christa Kelleher, Troy Lintz, Jeffrey Maxtutis, Richard McElroy, Pearl Morrison, Amy Pearsall, Maura Pfeifer, Rebecca Riccio, Mark Rosenthal, Paul Schlichtman, Nancy Strong, David Swanson, Stephanie Swanson, Alice Trexler, Jordan Weinstein, Michael Welch, and Lynn Wolfsfeld. Alternates are Vivian Berlin, Katie Garrett, and Sandra Vorce.

Aimee Coolidge, Chair of the Arlington Democrats, will serve as an ex officio delegate. Also serving as ex officio delegates are Patricia Deal, Heather Fowles, and James DiTullio, all of whom serve on the Democratic State Committee.

The Convention will be held on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at the DCU Center in Worcester. Democrats from across the state will gather to vote on the party platform, discuss issues, and participate in training on party building, electoral techniques and issue-based organizing.

Almost 100 people came to the caucus — a record for an Arlington caucus for a non-nominating convention, we think.

Aimee Coolidge said, “The response to a Trump presidency in Arlington has served as a launch pad for Democratic activism. I’ve not seen this kind of enthusiasm by so many people new to politics. We were thrilled at the turnout for our caucus as well as the expressed interest by so many others to become involved in our work.”

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