At Last: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

At Last: Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

At last! After 233 years, a black woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson, has been confirmed as a justice of the Supreme Court. She will be sworn in at the end of the term in June.

Judge Jackson brings to the Court deep experience with American life as it is really lived, joining predecessors like Louis Brandeis, Thurgood Marshall, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor. Add to that experience her unquestionable brilliance, judgment, and dignity, and you have a justice with the stature to lead the Court out of the extremist wilderness.

Just imagine a having a Supreme Court that once again stands up for human rights, supports the weak and oppressed, and protects our democracy. It will happen someday, and Judge – soon to be Justice – Jackson will lead the way.

What can we do? First, rejoice! And then remember that Judge Jackson will need help, and only a Democratic president and Senate can provide it. It is an election year. We have to dedicate ourselves to the struggle too.

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