We condemn Trump’s incitement

We condemn Trump’s incitement

The Arlington Democratic Town Committee is appalled at the leadership role President Trump played in the violent attack on the Capitol and Congress on January 6. We strongly condemn President Donald Trump for inciting his supporters to “fight like hell” in support of the lie that the November election results were invalid.

Equally we condemn the 139 Republican Congresspersons and 8 Republican Senators who supported this lie and voted to invalidate the election results from two states. We condemn the actions of these individuals, which have resulted in lives lost and threaten our democratic institutions.

We condemn the racist assumption behind this lie and these actions: that votes from majority-Black and majority-Latinx cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix should not be counted.

We are thankful for the safety of our Representative Katherine Clark and our Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren and support their efforts to impeach and convict President Trump for his egregious attack on the democratic process. Truth and justice are the only road to healing.

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