Katherine Clark Protects Us Against Climate Change

Katherine Clark Protects Us Against Climate Change

We’re glad Katherine Clark is our Congresswoman: Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark has secured $750,000 for a coastal resiliency project that will reduce the risk of flooding to Arlington and other communities in the Mystic River Basin.

“Climate change is here,” the Assistant Speaker said in a March 22 release, “we need to make investments now to prevent disasters later.”

The risk of disaster is not far off. Due to rising sea levels, the dams that currently protect our community from coastal flooding will only be able to provide sufficient protection for 10 or 20 more years. When protection fails, the most vulnerable among us will suffer the consequences. In the end, though, no one is safe from profound environmental collapse.

Assistant Speaker Clark, and the Biden Administration, in our community and throughout the country, are investing in a safe and resilient future for everyone. They understand that we need to be ready to fight back when the inevitable threats occur. We won’t be unless we invest in our future now.

What you can do: Help the Mystic River Watershed Association to preserve the river and protect our communities, as a volunteer or donor.

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