Arlington Democrats Elect Delegates to June State Convention

Over 100 Democrats in Arlington held a virtual caucus February 12 to elect 40 delegates and 7 alternates to the 2022 Massachusetts Democratic Convention. Before the caucus began, each of the Democratic candidates for statewide office addressed the attendees briefly, along with our Congresswoman Katherine Clark. Arlington elects one of the largest delegate slates in the state.

Elected as delegates were Carole Allen, Lynn Bishop, Shane Blundell, Eric Bourassa, Francis Callahan, Christine Carney, Sonya Coleman, Aimee Coolidge, Maureen Crewe, Sue Doctrow, Catherine Farrell, Peggy Gardiner, Bill Gardiner, Gary Goldsmith, Amy Goldstein, Irwin Grossman, Kim Haase, Patrick Hanlon, Bill Hayner, Eric Helmuth, John Hurd, Alan Jones, Sonya Khan, Bill Logan, Linda Magram, Jane Morgan, Patti Muldoon, Scott Mullen, John Page, Judson Pierce, Jennifer Roderick, Paul Schlichtman, Ed Schwartz, Paulette Schwartz, Amy L. Slutzky, Susan Stamps, Dave Swanson, Rieko Tanaka, Michael Watson, and Steven Wofsy. Alternates elected were Robin Bergman, Guillermo Hamlin, Christa Kelleher, Colleen Kirby, Jennifer Litowski, Jordan Weinstein, and Ed Witham.

Co-Chair Stephanie Swanson will serve as an ex officio delegate. Other Arlingtonians serving as ex officio delegates are James DiTullio and Marlene Silva, who serve on the Democratic State Committee, as well as State Representative Sean Garballey and State Senator Cindy Friedman.

The 2022 Convention will be a hybrid convention, with in-person proceedings taking place alongside virtual participation options on June 3 and 4 at the DCU Center in Worcester. Delegates will convene to endorse candidates for statewide office ahead of the September Democratic Primary. The Massachusetts Democratic Party is closely monitoring changes in public health guidance and will update plans accordingly.

For more information on the Arlington Democratic Town Committee or any of our meetings, please contact Aimee Coolidge at 781-775-5343 or Stephanie Swanson at 716-435-4153. For general information on the Convention, please contact the Massachusetts Democratic Party at 617-939-0800 or go to