Arlington Caucus to Elect Delegates to State Convention

Arlington Caucus to Elect Delegates to State Convention

Arlington Democrats are invited to attend a virtual caucus on Wednesday, June 30, at 7 p.m. to elect 37 delegates and 6 alternates to the 2021 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

At this year’s state convention, to be held Saturday, September 25 at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, thousands of Democrats from across the state will come together to adopt a party platform.

The caucus is open to all registered and pre-registered Democrats in Arlington. Pre-registered Democrats who will be 16 by June 15, 2021, will be welcome to participate and run as a delegate or alternate.

To participate in the virtual caucus, please use this Zoom registration form. You will receive a personalized link and passcode to the Zoom caucus in an email, which you’ll need to keep.

Youth, minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ individuals who are not elected as a delegate or alternate may apply to be an add-on delegate at the caucus or at

Delegates and alternates will be divided equally between men and women, except that candidates whose gender identity is non-binary can run for delegate without needing to classify themselves as male or female. Candidates must be present at the caucus to be elected (except those serving in the Armed Forces, who must notify the chair of their candidacy before the caucus).

For more information on the caucus or the Arlington Democratic Town Committee, please contact Co-Chair Stephanie Swanson at 716-435-4153 or Co-Chair Aimee Coolidge at 781-775-5343. For general information on the Convention or the Democratic Party, please call 617-939-0800 or email Details on the caucus rules can be found at

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