ArlingtonDems Email List Policy

ArlingtonDems Email List Policy

Approved by the Arlington Democratic Town Committee 12/12/2019

This group is put together to further communication and connection between Arlington Democrats on subjects related to Democratic politics and Committee business. Members of the Arlington Democratic Town Committee are automatically added; so are delegates and alternates to the state Democratic convention. Other Democrats who agree to follow the following guidelines about submitting email to the group are welcome to join.

Try to have a subject that is a concise description of the email contents. A reply to a well formed email will have a good subject automatically.

If you’re responding to an emotional situation, let your email sit overnight before sending it. Adopt a measured tone.

Don’t forward personal emails of others without their permission; if you do, remove other people’s email addresses from the forwarded text. Remember that once you send an email you lose all control of it; it can be copied, sent to others, and quoted out of context even years later.

Finally, observe the rule “Never speak ill of a fellow Democrat.” Avoid statements that might be divisive. Never say anything about someone in an email that you wouldn’t want that person to see. If you wish to have an email conversation about someone else or a complicated issue, invite them to meet with you in person.