Answers to Town Day 2017 Quiz

  1. 50% of all registered voters in Arlington are Democrats. True or false?  False. The correct percentage is 46%. There are 30,698 registered voters in Arlington and 14,028 are registered Democrats. About 49% are unenrolled, and about 5% are Republicans.
  2. You can pre-register to vote in Massachusetts at age 16. True or false?  True. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you may submit an application to register or pre-register to vote if:
    • You are a citizen of the United States; and
    • You are 16 years old; and
    • You are not currently incarcerated by reason of a felony conviction.
  3. Eleanor Campobasso is the only female Arlington resident ever elected State Representative. True or false? True. Arlington resident Eleanor Campobasso was the first and only female State Rep. elected to the Mass. House of Representatives from Arlington (1965-1978). Several precincts in Arlington have more recently had female State Representatives who resided in Belmont: Anne Paulsen and, before her, Mary Jane Gibson. And we now have a female State Senator, Cindy Friedman.