The Town Committee is governed by its bylaws and by the relevant sections of Chapter 52 of the General Laws of Massachusetts, which govern party committees at the state, city, and town levels.



Aimee Coolidge, Chair 781-646-5339
Mary Cummings , Vice-Chair 781-641-0954
Kim Haase, Secretary 781-643-3429
Richard McElroy, Treasurer 781-646-7254
Lynn Bishop, Affirmative Action and Outreach Advisor 781-316-2655

20-Year Members

William Carey Joseph Daly Patricia Deal

Regular Members:

Adam Badik Sidi Belkziz Lynn Bishop Shane Blundell
Stuart Cleinman Aimee Coolidge Maureen Crewe Mary Cummings
James DiTullio Catherine Farrell Heather Fowles John Galligan
Sean Garballey Deborah Goldsmith David Greenwold Sharon Grossman
Camilla Haase Gwenyth Hooper Christa Kelleher Colleen Kirby
Adele Kraus William Logan Richard McElroy Pearl Morrison
Lisa Pedulla Paul Schlichtman Carroll Edward Schwartz Paulette Schwartz
Hannah Simon Stephanie Swanson David Swanson Rieko Tanaka
Alice Trexler Barbara Weniger    

Any vacancies on the Committee are filled from the ranks of Associate Members. Any registered Democrat who attends meetings regularly may be nominated and elected an Associate Member by a vote of the Committee. Associate Members may participate in all Committee discussions and activities, except for Committee votes.

Associate Members

Michael Ratner Amy Pearsall Marlene Alderman Melissa Monaghan
Maegan Allen Jordan Weinstein Rebecca Riccio Katie Garrett
Marc Harris Pat Hanlon Dan Petrie Robin Bergman
William Gardiner Laura Gitelson Nicholas Herold Stephen Quinlan
Cricket B. Lewis Wilford Durbin Annie LaCourt Tom Michelman
Brian Rehrig Susan Stamps Joseph Curro Wendy Seltzer
Sonya Khan Lynn Wolfsfeld Pam Hallett